About us

Folk ensemble "Bystrzyca" was founded in 1984 by association PZKO ("Polish Cultural and Educational Association") in town of Bystrzyca. The founders were Mary and Leonard Podzemny and for a long time they were leading the team with her daughter, Dagmar Podzemna. The base of the repertoire is country folklore of Beskydy mountains region, often presented in a spectacular development.

We dance mainly highland dancing, but in the repertoire we have also Polish dances e.g. "Polonez", "Mazur", "Podhale", "Kujawiak i Oberek", Slovak dances e.g. Slovak Parchovian czardas, dances of the Myjava region, and Hungarian dances as well. The folk ensemble "Bystrzyca" has gained popularity while performing not only at events in home country and around the Zaolzie region, but also in Poland, France and Germany.

Since 2008 we have been co-organizing the International Folklore SaintJohn´s Festival in Bystrzyca.

At present, the team comprises 20 dancers, Eve and Michal Nemec are the executives.